AM・Girls Model School

In this school, pointing on the students from junior and senior high school, we attend model, dance, and voice lessons to be trained as a model that is correspondent in meeting various needs. Each class will acquire you a rich imagination, expression and creative skills through lessons.


Three times a month (Monday) / Model lesson

Two times a month / Actor’s Studio Lesson

※Please choose the lessons from dance, voice, or drama.


Walking / Steel / Hair makeup etc. / Dance / Voice

5 lessons per month


Every Monday (three times a month)

Model Lesson / 19:00-20:30

Actor’s Studio/ each lesson’s time will be changed by the day

Actor’s Lesson/ the time will be changed by the lesson



Enrollment Fee


Monthly Fee


About Audition

We perform dance, choir and fashion shows regularly in the live events.

You are able to participate in various model duties and shooting sessions.

We submit your profiles to the major production once a year.